Affordable Art Auction and Open House

A celebration of community, kindness and resilience

Online auction ends 14th June 2024

“Sometimes it's easy to walk by because we know we can't change someone's whole life in a single afternoon. But what we fail to realise is that simple kindness can go a long way toward encouraging someone who is stuck in a desolate place.”
― Mike Yankoski


If you're passionate about addressing youth homelessness, you're in the right place. Explore a diverse collection of artworks generously donated by local artists, all in support of Sussex Nightstop's mission to help young people sleep safe.

Here's the deal: if you bid the asking price, the artwork is yours, knowing that your purchase directly supports Sussex Nightstop's efforts providing short-term accommodation and support to young people facing homelessness in our city. And if you're feeling bold, you can even make an offer below the asking price—we'll let you know if a higher bid comes through.

Thank you for your interest and support. Start browsing and bidding to be part of something meaningful!

Want to see more art? Visit our Open House at Cardinal Newman Catholic School any Saturday or Sunday in May from 10am-5pm. Over 80 stunning artworks on show from local artists. Guest artists too. Refreshments and car parking available. Location map here.

If your bid is successful, you can collect your artwork on 26th May 2024 from 1pm at our open house, or we'll send it to you by courier at cost. If you have any questions, please write to [email protected]

  indicates the piece is sold.

Special Discount on Art with Minor Corner Damage - Perfect for Framing!

3 Miles Away - The Kiss


Artist Tony Mills 
Somerset Velvet archival paper
297 x 420 mm

2 Miles Away - The light that never goes out


Artist Tony Mills 
Somerset Velvet archival paper
297 x 420 mm

LOT 01

Lightning Bolt: Original
Artist Ian Daniels
Bid starting £76

Oil on canvas

LOT 02

Wave of Love
Artist Ilona Drew 
Bid starting £28

Giclee print

LOT 03

The Donut
Artist Ruth Mulvie
Bid starting £160

Giclee print

LOT 04 

Sandfield Pond ll
Artist Jo Watters-Pawlowski
Bid starting £96

Oils on unprimed birch panel

LOT 05

Artist Helen Twigge-Molecey
Bid starting £120

Handblown Glass

LOT 06

The Tree
Artist Carolyn Nicholls
Bid starting £68

Oil on canvas

COLLECTION: Eight Miles Away by Tony Mills

An elderly man slept in a bus shelter opposite me for a year on the noisy seafront. Deeply moved by his resilience, I painted his portrait, hoping to raise funds to help him. 'Eight Miles Away' symbolises the warmth of a distant wind farm illuminating his nightly shelter.

All prints from this series are printed on Somerset Velvet archival paper and signed by the artist.

Available in A5, A4, A3, A2 and A1 sizes.

8 Miles Away - The Shelter
4 Miles Away - The man who sold the world
7 Miles Away - The Cathedral
3 Miles Away - The Kiss
6 Miles Away - The Point
2 Miles Away - The light that never goes out
5 Miles Away - Turning Point
1 Mile Away - The power and the glory

LOT 07

Arctic Tern
Artist Tom Wilson
Bid starting £68

Sycamore and wenge on a cherry perch

LOT 08

The ash bowl
Artist Tom Wilson
Bid starting £44

Maple felled in
south London

LOT 09

Brighton Royal Pavilion Landscape: Ltd edition print
Artist Amalia Sanchez de la Blanca
Bid starting £144

Giclee print

LOT 10

Santorini Night
Artist Maroulla Simmonds
Bid starting £200

Oil on canvas

LOT 11

Stronger: Limited edition
Artist Bimbi Urquhart
Bid starting £44

Reduction linocut handprinted

LOT 12

The Outsider
Artist Isabela Vasques
Bid starting £88

Mixed medium on canvas

COLLECTION: Brighton at Dawn by Charlie Clarke

A glimpse of the world as I saw it through the viewfinder of my camera for the first 24 mornings of December 2023.

The prints are available in A4 & A3 sizes.

A New Perspective
The West Pier
Swimming at Dawn
Safe Passage
A Leap for Freedom
Bands on the Beach
Waiting it out

LOT 13

Alfie The Dog
Artist Liza Morton
Bid starting £30

Clay sculpture

LOT 14

Fear and Hope
Artist Laura Thorne
Bid starting £52

Acrylic & Black Indian Ink

LOT 15

An abstract mobile
Artist Claire Knill
Bid starting £96


LOT 16

Thistle: Hand signed
Artist Katty McMurray
Bid starting £316

Giclee print

LOT 17

Bird I
Artist Louise Airey
Bid starting £56

Acrylic on canvas

LOT 18

Bird II
Artist Louise Airey
Bid starting £56

Acrylic on canvas

LOT 19

Recycled Revelations #1
Artist Vanessa Bizzarri
Bid starting £40

Collagraph etching

LOT 20

Recycled Revelations #2
Artist Vanessa Bizzarri
Bid starting £40

Collagraph etching

LOT 21

Brighton Layers: Colour Drama
Artist Vanessa Bizzarri
Bid starting £48

Mixed media

LOT 22

Robertson Road
Artist Claire Houlihan
Bid starting £120

Acrylic on canvas

LOT 23 

Shania beaded handbag
Artist Halima Yunus
Bid starting £80

Handmade Beaded Bag

LOT 24

The Boys
Artist Tom Clifford
Bid starting £160

Oil on aluminium

LOT 25

Artist Charlie Doodle
Bid starting £48

Signed print

LOT 26

Sussex Downs
Artist Allison Murphy
Bid starting £68

Oil on deep canvas

LOT 27

We are all connected
Alfie White - Cardinal Newman
Bid starting £32

Digital print

LOT 28

Brighton MET Art Students
Bid starting £20


LOT 29

Blue Wave Twirl
Artist Mjriam Sessa Selwyn
Bid starting £152

Mixed materials

LOT 30

Driftwood Sculpture
Artist Sue Winter
Bid starting £36

Driftwood & beads

LOT 31

Artist Jane Green
Bid starting £80

Print on watercolour paper

LOT 32

Memories under the arches
Artist Jane Green
Bid starting £80

Oil print on watercolour paper

LOT 33

Line is Cast
Artist Pierre Bamin
Bid starting £112

Giclee print

LOT 34

Hidden Figures
Artist John North
Bid starting £76

Oil on canvas

Cardinal Newman Student Collection

Abandoned Greenhouse
Morning Checklist
Air Raid Shelter
Chapel Light
Abandoned Tube Station
Porridge on the wood burner

Guest Artists

Our guest artists have not only donated an auction piece but are generously donating 20% of sales proceeds from their collection on display at the Cardinal Newman open house.

Alexandra Urquhart (Bimbi)

Bimbi Urquhart is a linocut artist living in West Sussex. She attended Cardinal Newman School before entering a career as a professional musician. Her other love growing up was creating art, and she began making and selling linocuts in 2020, as well as taking on commissions. One of her preferred combinations is gold ink on black paper, although now she is exploring multi-coloured, multi-layered processes in her work. Resilience and strength are features of her artworks.

Amalia Sanchez de la Blanca - Linescapes

Set up in 2014 by Amalia, Linescapes specialises in highly detailed CAD architectural portraits of iconic buildings, architectural landmarks and bespoke commissions.

The aim is to tap into people’s emotional relationships with buildings. Architecture can evoke memories, a sense of belonging and relate to our aesthetic sense. That’s why Linescape’s collections are constantly growing with drawings of buildings that mean something to people, whether it’s a cultural landmark, an architecturally significant structure or a bespoke house portrait.

Halima Yunus - Murembo Jewellery

Halima's artwork is inspired by her Nubian heritage. The girl child was never sent to school. They were trained in arts, crafts and house/ home management in preparation for marriage. To get married and raise families. Her journey changed when her father later prioritised her education. She continued doing art and donating proceeds to some charities with her daughter, also an artist.

Mjriam Sessa Selwyn

Born in Rome, Mjriam Sessa Selwyn lives and paints in Brighton. Mostly self-taught, she creates mixed mediums, acrylic and oil paintings, which combine the vibrant colours with the purity of light and movement, which reflect her spirit.

Mjriam loves the sea, is a dive master and started painting seascapes in 2018 after she spent a sabbatical year in Florence and followed a course led by Maestro Marco Cavallini.

Paul Cary

Paul is well known in Brighton and Hove for painting Plein Air and works part-time in the Cardinal Newman School Art Department. His artwork featured as part of the Van Gogh Alive experience that ran at Brighton Corn Exchange from May to September 2023. Over the past few years he has painted many of Brighton’s seafront shelters, which he considers as Hove’s own pavilions.

“I have on many occasions provided food and clothes for people who use them for shelter. It saddens me that in our affluent community, people are neglected and these shelters have equally become unloved and are deteriorating.”

The Plein Air artworks in acrylic take between 20 and 40 hours to complete. They usually have hidden messages within them.

Pierre Bamin

Pierre is a Brighton based artist drawing on the influences and stories from his years growing up in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

"My creations gravitate towards a wide range of subjects and styles; exploring each piece as a unique extension of my personality and narrative. The sole aim to create a visual diary, highlighting narratives from my life’s journey and its relation to present time.

I hope they bring with them joy, discussion and reflection."

Tom Clifford

Tom Clifford is a modern painter of light. His representational oil paintings record his responses to the world, exploring notions of the sublime moment in time. He is drawn to imagery that has a strong sense of light. Tom’s painting process begins with observation and snapshots of reality, which he builds upon with multiple layers of paint, forming enigmatic surfaces. Tom studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and now lives and works in Brighton.