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2nd - 27th May 2024

LOT 26 - Allison Murphy

LOT 26

Sussex Downs

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Medium: Oil on deep canvas

Size: 40cms x 30cms x 4cms

Artist: Allison Murphy

Artist Notes: I have lived in Sussex for over 40 years and Brighton for over 30 years. I've devoted myself to charitable causes, both through fundraising efforts and hands-on volunteering. My own fortunate upbringing, marked by adoption into a nurturing family, has instilled in me a deep belief in the interconnectedness of human fate and the importance of extending help to those in need.

No matter what difficulties I’ve faced the sea and Downs have been constant companions making me feel safe and secure; giving a sense of belonging. They represent the resilience we need to face whatever comes. They are for many their happy place giving us health and well-being and supporting us as guardians of the planet. The sea and Downs surround our community like a hug and we all need hugs.

This painting created after walks and dreams shows the beauty that we can all enjoy no matter who you are. Everyone and thing has beauty… you just have to look.