Sussex Nightstop Tryathlon…. what an event!

Our inaugural Tryathlon was held on 16th September 2022 – a celebration of summer and an event with a difference, that embraced teamwork and fun for the sporty and not so sporty.

Ten teams from the Sussex business community came together at Yellowave to test physical, mental and cake-baking (yes, cake baking) abilities in competition with a heavy emphasis on fun. A huge thank you from Sussex Nightstop to all participating teams and to our event sponsors: Archangels Architects, Daniel Associates and Mortgage Medics. And our fantastic host team from Kreston Reeves.

The games commenced with beach volleyball – we played a mini tournament, which was approachable and  fun for everyone. People new to the sport were given a practice beforehand with our wonderful volunteer referees and as the tournament progressed, serious talent emerged!

Pics in order of team ranking in the volleyball tournament left to right: ‘Mirkwood Magic’ ‘Tri-Amphant’ and ‘Let’s Accoustic Together’ came in first, second and third:

Teams coming fourth, fifth and sixth were ‘The Looney Tunes’ ‘Norfolk-in-Chance’ and ‘Teyzon’:

And last but by no means least came team ‘Fusion’ ‘Come Try with Me’ and ‘IMEXited’:

The summertime quiz tested mental agility to the full, but each and every team scored well, making the placings close. The winners on 30 points were ‘Let’s Accoustic Together’ followed closely by ‘Hot Bananas’, ‘Tri-umphant’, ‘Norfolk-in-Chance’ and IMEXited.

The Tryathlon concluded with cake judging with Philip Taylor, founding chef of Brighton’s original ethical restaurant – Terre à Terre. Each team had made a cake inspired by summer and brought it with them to the event for him to taste. The entries were spectacular! With just three points between first and last place and seven places tied in the middle, the standard was extremely high.

Winning cakes, shown left to right with team ‘Fusion’ coming in first; ‘The Looney Tunes’ and ‘Tri-Amphant’ placed joint second and in third place, ‘Hot Bananas’:

Close runners up, tied in third place was ‘Mirkwood Magic’ and in joint fourth place were teams ‘Teyzon’, ‘Come Try with Me’ and ‘Norfolk-in-Chance. Special shout out to Portland Homes for the most creative dark humour in their shark attack cake….superb!

To view more photos from the event, team by team, please click on the links below:

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