Affordable Art Auction and Open House

A celebration of community, kindness and resilience

2nd - 27th May 2024

Swimming at Dawn
Safe Passage
Waiting it out
A New Perspective
A Leap for Freedom
Bands on the Beach

Brighton at Dawn Collection

Artist: Charlie Clarke

A5 : Get it for £15
A4 : Get it for £22
A3 : Get it for £45
A2 : Get it for £90
A1 : Get it for £180

Medium: Prints available in A5, A4, A3, A2 & A1 sizes

Artist Notes: 

One morning I met someone there who was not in a great way and has been sleeping on the streets of Brighton for 8 weeks since his world imploded. We had a coffee and a chat, but tbh I realised I was at a loss as to what more I could to do to help him.

I’ve now done a bit of research and have decided one thing I can do is to dedicate the last week of this year’s Dawn Advent Calendar to trying to raise some money for Make Change Count 2023 - Brighton & Hove’s combined fundraising campaign that provides funds to local charities supporting and preventing homelessness in the city.