Making a difference since 2009

Every day, for over ten years, Sussex Nightstop has been driven by the fact that every night someone stays with one of our hosts is a night they are not vulnerable to the significant risks of rough-sleeping. 

Our volunteers have provided over 3,800 safe bed nights to 475 vulnerable people 

“No question, I would have been back on the streets without Sussex Nightstop.”
Ben, Nightstop Guest

Our vision is a society where everyone has access to a secure and sustainable home and the opportunity to sleep safe every night. Whilst keeping people safe, our team also provides a vital role in supporting people to remain engaged in their longer-term housing plan – empowering them to take control and make change happen. As a result of the unique Nightstop volunteer-guest experience we are able to identify and respond to people’s needs; informing their housing plan, signposting to support and representing those needs to relevant agencies where necessary. This combination works.  

Over 75% of the people we help go on to find permanent long-term housing 

“Thanks to you guys I achieved the impossible. I’m now living in Central Brighton. You gave me the strength to fight.” 
Nightstop Guest

Aside from meeting basic needs, our hosts remind people at the most desperate of times that people care. They choose to open their door. They choose to be there. Confidence and belief are important ingredients in a person’s ability to maintain the good stuff in their life, seize new opportunities and bring about positive change for themselves. Kindness – voluntarily given – is profound in its impact.  

40% of the people we support are working or studying. 

“Connecting with them and feeling comfortable in their presence made me quickly feel they weren’t strangers anymore. Hosts made me feel like I was supposed to be there…” 
Shai, Nightstop Guest

Nightstop is building community connections. Our 70 strong volunteer team operates across a range of roles. In one year they dedicated 7,534 hours of their time – a living wage equivalent of £61,854. Their amazing work makes a difference to our volunteers too – they tell us that they get a huge sense of satisfaction from their role, but also feel more knowledgeable about homelessness and feel it has broadened their perspective on life, giving a new sense of purpose and meaning. 

63% of our volunteers feel more connected to their community as a result of volunteering with Nightstop.  

“Sometimes a bed, a change of clothes and a bowl of spaghetti can make all the difference. With clean clothes and a good night’s sleep one can get a job, save money, get a place to live and start a life. Being there in that window of opportunity has been amazing and we’ve loved every minute of it. Being there for them is one of the best things I’ve ever done.”
David and Mark, Nightstop Hosts

You can read more about our 2020-2021 achievements in our Chair’s report.