Donating to Sussex Nightstop

The work of Sussex Nightstop is made possible through the incredible contribution of those who willingly volunteer their time to the project and the funding that we receive through charitable grants, individual donations, community fundraising, business fundraising and grant and commissions from the public sector.

Donations from individuals, businesses and community groups are incredibly important to us and we are very grateful for all the financial donations we receive and of whatever size – it is what makes our work possible.

We are inspired by the ways in which people raise money –  running the marathon, a choir concert, an open house exhibition and a plant and cake sale – the possibilities are endless!

However you chose to raise money, our Sussex Nightstop Local Giving page makes it possible to support us by making a one off donation or a regular payment and you can also set up your own fundraising page.

However you chose to fundraise, thank you!

But before you start, we’d encourage you to think about staying safe and staying legal whilst also supporting the values of Sussex Nightstop. It’s important to let you know that our fundraising activities are guided by the principles within the Code of Fundraising and we would kindly ask that any fundraising on our behalf observes these principles. They importantly ensure that there is respect for people’s rights and privacy and undue pressure is not placed on anyone to make a gift and that any fundraising on our behalf will take care not to cause nuisance or disruption to the public.

If you would like to run a fundraising event and which any advice or guidance on your ideas we would love to hear from you.