Tim Williamson, Chair – I work for an ethical travel company called Responsible Travel in Brighton which I own with the other two directors. My career has been in travel, working for large companies and airlines where I have sat on the board of directors and managed large teams. I have hopefully picked up some skills along the way which will be useful to Sussex Nightstop. I have also just finished my four year term as Chair of Governors for Cardinal Newman Catholic School in Hove. Helping the 6th largest school in the UK through the strategic challenges facing education at the moment has hopefully helped me understand some of the elements of the role of a trustee.

For the last 18 months we have also been a host family for Sussex Nightstop and experienced first-hand the incredible service on offer and met the people who we help. Wanting to do more inspired me to apply to become a trustee when the opportunity came up. I hope I can continue to make a difference to the lives of those on the verge of homelessness as a host and now as Chair of Sussex Nightstop.

John O’Sullivan, Treasurer – I have been a trustee since 2012 and have hopefully brought my experience as a NHS finance director to strengthen the finances of Sussex Nightstop. The growth we have seen over the last ten years unfortunately shows how necessary we are in providing a safe place for people to sleep and we couldn’t do this without hosts who are able to offer up their spare rooms. When I hear people’s stories it  makes me realise how quickly their circumstances can change and how much they value a safe place to sleep when they need it.   

Peter Wileman – I have been a Nightstop Board member for six years, and was a host for two years prior to this. I am the safeguarding lead for the board.

For the last 15 years I have worked in Community Safety for Brighton and Hove City Council and am currently the Safer Communities Manager for anti-social behaviour, hate crime and exploitation.

Prior to working in local government I worked in a range of roles addressing substance misuse and rough sleeping, including being the Regional Manager of The Big Issue for three years.

Chris Storey – After working locally in social care and housing I joined Sussex Nightstop in 2017 as a volunteer community fundraiser and the board of trustees a year later. I was impressed by the community spirit the organisation reflected; local people using their own resources “to just do something”. I love the cleverness of Nightstop’s homestay offer and how the kindness of strangers can be so profoundly helpful to someone in temporary crisis. Since joining the board I’ve been privileged to see the depth of values being practiced daily by volunteers and our small staff team alike. Its uplifting to be part of something so effective and to share in meeting the challenges of its growth and development.

Ann Hickey – I am the CEO of East Sussex Credit Union with previous management and general credit union experience gained over the last 20 years.  As a trustee of Community Works, I was chair of the  Personnel and Equalities Sub Committee, and chair of the Volunteering Champions group.  I have experience of HR ,setting and presenting the strategic path for the credit union, reviewing the vision, mission , values and the business plan, budget setting ,reviewing environmental factors and bringing the staff team as well as the board along with changes.

Jenny Moore – I joined Nightstop as a Trustee because I wanted to use my 30 years experience of community development practice and youth work to support a charity that works to reduce homelessness.

Early on in my career I worked with homeless and insecurely housed young people. I was able to see first hand the difference being securely housed made to their lives.  They were then able to take advantage of new opportunities that enabled them to reach their own potential and move onto the next, more positive stage of their life.

Brighton and Hove are great places to be when you are young, but perhaps because of this,  it is a competitive and expensive place to live – good affordable accommodation is hard to find. Many young people born here are unable to secure deposits or on going rent in order to live here.  Family pressures, often financial too, also mean that many young people “sofa surf” and because of increasingly harsh benefits criteria and reduced access to be able to claim,  young people become even more vulnerable. I look forward to working with my fellow Trustees to improve this situation for young people, young adults and our city as a whole.

Corrina Collins – I have worked in the Corporate Travel Industry for 15 years, focusing on partners, new business and revenue generation. Prior to that I was a marketing and loyalty consultant. During my career I have worked abroad both in Europe and Globally and I learned new cultures, ways of working and business priorities. As a first time Trustee I hope to bring this experience to Sussex Nightstop and support and guide around collaboration between external companies, boosting awareness and sponsorship. 

Ceri Davies-Tyrie – I have a background in research and social action as well as previous experience of boards, having been a trustee and then Chair of Brighton & Hove Community Works over a period of seven years.  In my day job I’m a Research Director at NatCen.

I had known about Nightstop for a few years before applying to join their board – and always been impressed by the impact and necessity of such a simple idea – expertly supported and executed and built on the spirit, understanding and commitment of people willing to open their homes to a person in need, one night at a time.

It’s my privilege to make a contribution to this work and I am a proud advocate of Nightstop. I’m passionate about building our activities sustainably into the future and making sure we keep meeting the needs of those who volunteer for and those who use our service. I am, as my fellow board members will tell you, equally passionate about good governance – making sure we have the resources, information and leadership we need to support Nightstop’s vital and important contribution to tackling homelessness.